My Indonesian Moment Contest

Share your Picture and Story about your experience in Indonesia!
INDONESIA is a land of cultural diversity and beautiful landscapes! With more than 17,000 islands, there is a lot to show the world! Unique diving experiences, road-trips with motorcycles or even drinking the water from a fresh coconut, we hope you all had wonderful moments in Indonesia.

We are curious about your favorite moments and experiences and would really appreciate if you share them with our community. Therefore we have created the “My Indonesian Moment” Contest!

This contest is about your experience, your magical and most memorable moment in Indonesia. We are happy to receive your picture or story or both describing your best moments.

Whether you have spent your honeymoon in Bali, hiked Mount Bromo in Java or ate at delicious food at local restaurants in Padang – The Indonesia’s cultural diversity is as large as its diversity in tourism destinations.

At the same time this contest is a starting point of our journey to innovate and co-create Indonesian tourism in the future. Indonesia has much more to offer than you might imagine. And we would like our local and international guests and friends to co-create their travel experience with the help of the locals as well as by joining in idea discussions with the crowd. In follow up projects you are most welcome to share your ideas for your next trip ideas or travel schedules as well as some hidden secrets and hotspots. There is always a room to innovate, so don’t miss your chance to contribute to these contests!

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